Towards the operation of the AIA


 The site of the Argyle International Airport is buzzing with activity as the countdown towards operation continues.

With minor construction work still ongoing, applying finishing touches is the order of the day. Areas for which finishing touches are being applied at the moment include; the pavement of the area around the control tower, the completion of the retaining wall at the southern end of the runway, the ground handling storage facility, the VIP lounges on the mezzanine floor of the passenger terminal building as well as the installation of some facilities in the arrivals exit inside the passenger terminal building.


Most of the retrofitting work within the passenger terminal building is completed, and the building is currently being cleaned and painted in preparation for operation. Painting has also commenced on the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station (ARFF), the Control Tower and administrative offices and Met office next to the Control Tower. The painting of the Runway has also commenced.

Meantime, minor construction work continues outside the terminal building. Work is ongoing on the Mechanical Workshop, the retaining wall on the southern end of the runway is been completed and the readjustment of the road on the southern end of the project is far advanced, construction of other areas of the road network such as the road between the passenger and cargo terminals and the road in front the Rubis Station leading towards the cargo terminal. Fencing of the airport is about 90% completed with the control tower remaining to be fenced and a few panels around the ARFF Building and the airport perimeters remaining to be installed.

Like Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves in his independence message said, “the opening of the Argyle International Airport is imminent,” it is just a matter of time now until the date for operations is announced.  

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