The Road to Operation


The International Airport Development Company (IADC) is currently in winding down mode as it prepares to hand over the project to Argyle International Airport Inc. for operations.

For some time now, the construction of the Passenger Terminal Building, the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Station and the Control Tower have been completed. Meantime, the Control Tower is fully equipped and operation ready the ARFF is awaiting a few pieces of small appliances. The Passenger Terminal Building continues to be equipped for operation and the Airside and Landside Electrical Substations have also been completed and equipped.

In recent times we have seen the completion of the Runway, Aprons, Taxi Ways and the Taxi Operators booth. We have also witnessed the removal of the Petroglyh Hill, the end of blasting on the site and the continuation of work on the fencing of the airport perimeter.

We have also seen the installation, testing and commissioning of the Airfield lighting system and the training of personnel to maintain and operate the system. Currently, ongoing construction work on the site include the installation of a retaining wall at the end of the runway on the Southern side, the construction of a Mechanical Workshop, storage space for ground handling equipment, a security booth and the hangers that are being constructed by the owners. Additionally, IADC is also working on the road that connects the passenger terminal to the cargo terminal and the road that also passes in front the Rubis Fuel Station.

The installation of the VOR-DME is nearing completion with just a few pieces of equipment remaining to be installed. Remaining work taking place on the site are undergoing finishing touches and will soon be completed.

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