Fire trucks Arrive for Argyle International Airport


Members of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines fire service headed by Superintendent Isaiah Browne, on Monday November 3rd 2014, took charge of three spanking new fire trucks destined for the Argyle International Airport.

The trucks have been entrusted to their care until they are relocated to the Argyle Airport site. The trucks which arrived in St. Vincent on Tuesday October 28th left Port Campden Park on Monday November 3rd following a reception ceremony and inspection of the trucks.

These trucks have the capacity to carry 3-thousand gallons of water and 420 gallons of foam.

These trucks were ordered early in anticipation of a 2014 start of operation of the Argyle International Airport. However, that 2014 operation was not to be as several factors including the weather, and insufficient equipment etc, worked against that targeted date.

The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicles are now being stored at the fire station in Arnos Vale until they are needed at the Argyle International Airport. Meantime, fire fighters will be trained by an official from OSHKOSH from whom the trucks were bought on the proper operation and maintenance of the trucks. Additionally, some 20 persons have been recruited to the fire service and are being trained in preparation for the start of operation of the Argyle International Airport.

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